Wayne Albert

Full Professor, Dean


Kinesiology, Faculty of

KIN 347


1 506 453 4576

Research interests

  • ergonomics/human factors/occupational biomechanics
  • musculoskeletal injuries in the workplace
  • occupational lower back pain
  • general back health and fitness and rehabilitation
  • lifting techniques of experienced manual material handlers
  • effects of work environments and work tasks on lifting technique and work performance


Dr. Albert has a BSc. in Kinesiology from the University of Ottawa, a Master degree from the University of Western Ontario and his Ph.D. in Occupational Biomechanics from Queen's University. The major focus of Dr. Albert's research pertains to occupational biomechanics (ergonomics) and the prevention of musculoskeletal injuries in the workplace as well as general low back health. This has led to numerous collaborative research projects with researchers from Ontario and Atlantic Universities.

Current research projects

  • the effects of neuromuscular fatigue on lifting technique modifications
  • Fatigue-related changes in lifting technique for a low back pain population
  • Biomechanical assessment of post-operative spinal muscular recovery after either a Minimally Invasive or a Traditional Open Surgical Procedure
  • The effects of cumulative exposure on the development of low back pain and shoulder disorders in the automotive industry
  • Effects of moving environments (working on a ship deck, ie., Coast Gaurds) upon the physical demands of heavy materials handling operators
  • Investigation of the Physiological and Biomechanical demands on pilots while wearing Night Vision Goggles

Detailed research publications