Laura Romero-Zeron



Chemical Engineering

Head Hall E230B

1 506 447 3356

Educational background

  • PhD (2005) Chemical & Petroleum Engineering, University of Calgary
  • MSc (1991) Technology in Forestry Products, Forestry, Los Andes University, Merida, Venezuela
  • BSc (1988) Chemical Engineering, Los Andes University, Merida, Venezuela

Academic and research interests

  • Enhanced oil recovery (EOR) processes and oil sweep strategies for conventional and heavy oils
  • Biofuels and production of bio-additives
  • Crude oil processing and characterization
  • Visualization of flow phenomena in porous media at the pore level using micromodels
  • Foam technology with applications in EOR processes and soil remediation
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging for EOR applications
  • Nanotechnology applications for EOR
  • Hydroprocessing of bitumen and heavy oil in supercritical fluids as reaction media
  • Natural sorbent materials