J.P. Lewis

Professor, Politics Advisor


History and Politics

Hazen Hall 347

Saint John

1 506 648 5920

J.P. Lewis is a Professor of political science at the University of New Brunswick Saint John. His major research interests are in cabinet government with a focus on Canada both at the provincial and federal level. He holds a SSHRC Insight Grant with Dr. Erin Crandall (Acadia University) for their project “The Impact of Executive Styles of Governance: A Survey of Atlantic Government Deputy Ministers” (2022-2024).

The Blueprint

In 2017 he co-edited a book with Professor Joanna Everitt on federal conservative parties in Canada. The Blueprint: Conservative parties and their impact on Canadian politics is published by the University of Toronto Press. Dr. Lewis is frequently interviewed by media including CBC, CTV and Global television, CBC radio and local and national newspapers. He is originally from Kitchener, Ontario.


  • PhD Carleton University (2011)
  • MA (History) University of Guelph (2004)
  • MA (Political Science) University of Guelph (2003)
  • BA (Honours) University of Waterloo (2002)


  • POLS 1201: Canadian Government
  • POLS 3101: Constitutional Politics in Canada
  • POLS 3201: New Brunswick Politics
  • POLS 3205: Canadian Provincial Politics
  • POLS 3252: Canadian Political Parties
  • POLS 3278: Courts and Legislatures: The Politics of Canadian Policy-Making
  • POLS 4214: Prime Ministers and Cabinets: The Political Executive in Canada

Recent publications

“Ministerial Incumbency” Inside the Local Campaign: Constituency Elections in Canada. Edited by Alex Marland and Thierry Giasson. Vancouver: UBCA Press. 2022.

“The 2020 Provincial Election in New Brunswick” with Jamie Gillies and Tom Bateman. Canadian Political Science Review. Volume 16. Issue 1. 2021.

“Executives in Canada: Adding Gender and Sexuality to Their Representational Mandate” with Joanna Everitt. The Palgrave Handbook of Gender, Sexuality and Canadian Politics. Edited by Manon Tremblay and Joanna Everitt. London: Palgrave Macmillan. 2020.

“The 2018 Provincial Election in New Brunswick” with Jamie Gillies and Tom Bateman. Canadian Political Science Review. Volume 14. Issue 1. 2020.

“External Shocks and Westminster Governance: New Brunswick’s All-Party Cabinet Committee on COVID-19” with Robert Tay-Burroughs. Canadian Parliamentary Review. Volume 43. Number 3. 2020.

“Cabinet Solidarity in an Age of Social Media: A Case of Twitter Use by Member of Parliament Carolyn Bennett” with Vincent Raynauld and Mireille Lalancette. What’s Trending in Canadian Politics? Understanding Transformations in Power, Media and the Public Square. Edited by Vincent Raynauld, Mireille Lalancette and Erin Crandall. Vancouver: UBC Press. 2019.

“Executive Creep in Canadian Provincial Legislatures” with Paul E.J. Thomas. Canadian Journal of Political Science. Vol. 52. Issue 2. 363-383. 2019.

“Definitely Maybe: A Recent History of Electoral Reform in New Brunswick” Journal of New Brunswick Studies. Issue 9. 2018.

“From Elitism to Idealization: The Representation of Premiers in Social Media Videos” with Stephanie Yates. Political Elites in Canada. Edited by Alex Marland, Thierry Giasson and Andrea Lawlor. Vancouver: UBC Press. 2018.

“A Wolf in Wolf’s Clothing: The Stephen Harper Ministry” The Blueprint: Conservative parties and their impact on Canadian politics. University of Toronto Press. Edited by J.P. Lewis and Joanna Everitt. Toronto: University of Toronto Press. 2017.

“Can we objectively identify underrated leaders? A case study of Canadian provincial premiers”, British Journal of Canadian Studies Volume 30. Issue 1. 2017.