Leslie Jeffrey

Professor, Chair

History and Politics, Department of

Hazen Hall 325B

Saint John

1 506 648 5609

Leslie Jeffrey is a Professor of Politics at UNB Saint John. She is also currently serving as Chair of the Department of History and Politics.

Dr. Jeffrey teaches in the fields of International Relations and Comparative Politics. Her interests are in global justice issues such as the environment, gender, inequality, food politics, and human rights. In the past, her research has focused on the global sex trade. She has published a number of articles and chapters on sex-work policy as well as two books: Sex and Borders: Gender, National Identity and Prostitution Policy in Thailand (UBC Press, 2002) and (with co-author Dr. Gayle MacDonald) Sex Workers in the Maritimes Talk Back (UBC Press, 2007).

Currently Dr. Jeffrey does work on contemplative pedagogy and social justice. Contemplative pedagogy is a form of teaching and learning that employs contemplative practices (mindfulness, journaling, time in nature, deep listening etc.) in order to develop deep concentration and insight in a world of distraction.

Her courses include upper level classes on Global Human Rights (Pols 3683); the Politics of Food (Pols 3685), the Policy, Politics and Prostitution/Society and Sex-Work (Pols/Soc 4505), and Gender and International Relations (Pols 3625). She also teaches introductory level courses in International Relations (Pols 2601) and the Politics of the Developing World (Pols 2301).