Will van den Hoonaard

Professor Emeritus




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Will C. van den Hoonaard is a longstanding field researcher whose current areas of teaching and research cover qualitative and ethnographic research, research ethics, the Baha’i community, and the world of mapmakers. He has served on the (Canadian) Interagency Advisory Panel on Research Ethics, SSHRC Standard Grants Committees, the Aid to Scholarly Publications Programme, and as Book-Review Editor of several journals.

Before coming to UNB, he represented an international NGO at the United Nations in New York and conducted fieldwork in Iceland. He is currently serving as Chair of the Postdoc Assessment Committee of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.

His book, The Seduction of Ethics was listed by Hill Times as one of the top 100 Canadian non-fiction books in 2011 It also received "Honorable Mention" by the Charles H. Cooley Award Committee of the Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction, 2012.

The same Society awarded him the 2017 George Herbert Mead Award for Lifetime Achievement. The Health Improvement Institute (Bethesda, MD) awarded him the 2013 Award for Excellence in Human Research Protection for Lifetime Achievement.

Selected publications

van den Hoonaard, W.C. (2019) "'Vulnerability' as a Concept Captive in its own Prison." Chapter 27 in Ron Iphofen (ed.) Handbook of Research Ethics and Scientific Integrity, Springer International Publishing.

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