Nancy Nason-Clark

Professor Emerita



Tilley Hall 14

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Other titles

Director, RAVE Project

Dr. Nancy Nason-Clark is Professor Emerita of Sociology in the department at the University of New Brunswick. She is the principal investigator of The RAVE Project a research initiative funded by the Lilly Endowment. Nancy received her Ph.D. in Sociology from the London School of Economics and Political Science in England. She is the author or editor of twelve books, which include:

  • Religion and Intimate Partner Violence:  Understanding the Challenges and Proposing Solutions. (Oxford University Press, forthcoming, 2017; with Fisher-Townsend, Holtmann and McMullen).
  • Men Who Batter (Oxford University Press, 2015; with Fisher-Townsend)
  • Overcoming Conflicting Loyalties (University of Alberta Press, 2015; with Sevcik, Rothery and Pynn)
  • No Place for Abuse: Biblical and Practical Resources to Counteract Domestic Violence (2nd edition, 2010; with Kroeger)
  • Responding to Abuse in the Christian Home (2011; edited with Fisher-Townsend and Kroeger)
  • Refuge from Abuse: Hope and Healing for Abused Christian Women (2004; with Kroeger)
  • The Battered Wife: How Christians Confront Family Violence (1997)
  • Beyond Abuse in the Christian Home (2004; edited with Fisher-Townsend and Kroeger)
  • Feminist Perspectives and Narratives in the Sociology of Religion (2004; edited with Neitz)
  • Understanding Abuse: Partnering for Change (2004; edited with Stirling, Cameron and Miedema)

She has served as President for three international organizations: the Association for the Sociology of Religion (1998-2000), the Religious Research Association (2001-2004), and the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion (2016-2018).  Nancy also served two terms (2000-2006) as editor of the international journal Sociology of Religion: A Quarterly Review.

Nancy’s research program spans almost 30 years and involves a variety of projects examining the relationship between abuse, religious faith, gender and culture and has taken her to many parts of the world, including India, Eastern Europe, and the Caribbean. Over the years she has supervised many award winning graduate students who have gone on to stellar careers of their own.

Selected publications with past graduate students

Nason-Clark, N. and C. Holtmann. (2017). Naming the Abuse, Establishing Networks, and Forging Negotiations:  Contemporary Christian Women and the Ugly Subject of Domestic Violence.  Chapter in A. Day (ed.), Power and Piety in the Anglican Church Worldwide. UK: Ashgate Publishing.

McMullin, S., Nason-Clark, N., Fisher-Townsend, B. and C. Holtmann. 2015. When Violence Hits the Religious Home: Raising Awareness about Domestic Violence in Seminaries and amongst Religious Leaders. Journal of Pastoral Care & Counselling, 69(2):113-124.

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Nason-Clark, N., Fisher-Townsend, B., McMullin, S. and C. Holtmann. Family Violence in Canada (2013). Canada. In S. Asay, DeFrain, J., Metzger, M. and B. Moyer, Family Violence from a Global Perspective: Strengths-Based Research and Case Studies. Sage Publications, 182-199.

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Supervision areas

Nancy is no longer accepting new graduate students for supervision, but she is willing to serve on thesis or dissertation committees.