Design Works Wednesdays - Create at Home Series-FR and SJ

Event Date(s):
August 12, 2020
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Both Campuses
Both Campuses

Event Details:

The next Design Works Wednesdays - Create at Home Series will feature, Blue Cubism.

This workshop will be posted on our UNB Art Centre Facebook Timeline!

This week, join Meghan and learn about tints and shades and colour mixing as we explore mixing paint - do you think you can mix 100 different colours as part of the 100 colour challenge? As part of our mixing challenge, learn to make a blue cubism painting inspired by Picasso's blue period!  

Supplies needed:

White, black, yellow, red, and lots of blue acrylic or tempera paint

Paintbrushes, water, paper towel

A small or medium canvas


The 100 colour challenge printable


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Design Works Wednesdays - Create at Home Series


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