Priestman Lectures - Public Presentation-FR

Event Date(s):
October 04, 2019
07:00 PM - 09:00 PM

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The Faculty of Science is pleased to announce this year's Priestman Lecturer, Canadian Nobel Laureate Arthur McDonald's public lecture entitled, "From the Tiniest Particles to the Farthest Reaches of The Universe."

The study of particle physics and particularly particle astrophysics where data is obtained from astronomical sources enables scientists to seek an understanding of our Universe from the smallest to the largest scales. Measurements made here on earth enable a consistent picture to be created that  the smallest particles that we do not know how to sub-divide any farther and places them in the evolution of the Universe following a Big Bang.

Building: MacLaggan Hall

Room Number: 105 (auditorium)


Karen Palmer
1 506 453 4841