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Career tasks at university

Your First Year | Transition, Adjustment, Exploration

You can download the Career Tasks Worksheet (PDF) or refer to the list below to plan and execute tasks for career planning appropriate to first year students.

  • find your way around campus & get involved with campus/community events
  • develop your academic skills -- study skills, exam preparation, essay writing, research
  • explore and clarify your academic interests -- choose new & interesting courses and program pathways
  • consider opportunities available through the work-study or study abroad programs
  • talk to your academic advisor about academic options and opportunities
  • identify problems or struggles and take action to overcome them (consult with student services or your academic advisor for support)
  • visit the Career Development & Employment Centre or Career Counselling

Regardless of your field of study and program progress, consult with your academic advisor and with the career services on your campus throughout the academic year.