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Associated Alumni

UNB Talks Online: Discovering your values & using them to guide your life and career

In this UNB Talks Online webinar, Dana Lloyd (BEd'94) will help you to discover the values that drive your life and demonstrate how you can use your values to make decisions in your life and career. Watch now.

UNB Talks Online: Advanced mobile photography

Interested in improving your mobile phone photography skills to capture all of life’s little moments? Watch this UNB Talks Online webinar as UNB alumnus Mark Hemmings (BA’96)  walks you through ways to capture creative and technically excellent mobile photographs when you don’t have access to a DSLR or mirrorless. Watch the video.

Five ways to include your children in your exercise

Emily Scott (BsKin’12, BBA'21) shares her tips for including your children in your excercise. Read the tips.

Jess Neary: Top five Feng Shui tips to design your home for productivity and well-being

A proud New Brunswicker, Jess Neary (BBA'09) graduated from the faculty of business at UNB Saint John in 2009 before later furthering her studies with interior design. Now, she is the owner of Jess Neary Feng Shui, where she helps clients with their interior and exterior designs for healthy energy flow. Read her tips.

Hazel Cochran (BAMAC’14): Experiencing mental wellness through her art and business

UNB alumna Hazel Cochran (BAMAC'14) opened The Art Warehouse in 2020, a bar, cafe and drop-in art studio located in Saint John, New Brunswick. Here she tells us a little bit about her inspiration behind  The Art Warehouse and how painting has been a therapeutic experience. Read her Q&A.