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Applied management degree draws on previous experience

Unique Bachelor of Applied Management combines college experience with university-level studies

Seonju Lee didn’t know what to do after graduating from college.

Lee, a marketing major, was weighing her options when a friend told her about the bachelor of applied management program at UNB Saint John. 

“UNB is known as a great school and its business program is top notch,” Lee said. “So I thought it would be nice to continue my studies here.”

The bachelor of applied management program at UNB Saint John requires incoming students to already have a two-year college diploma.

The program relies on a 2+2 approach, ensuring graduates enter the workforce with a college diploma and a university degree, combined with in-depth knowledge of how businesses function and the qualifications necessary for management-level positions.

“It was great because I didn’t have to take certain classes because of my previous experience. It’s unique that they accept college credits and apply them to my university degree,” she said.

Fostering entrepreneurial thinking 

The program is open to students from diverse backgrounds, including culinary arts, journalism, nursing, and graphic design, to name but a few. 

“Students come to UNB Saint John with the applied side and we build on their managerial skills,” said Rob Moir, assistant dean of special projects for the faculty of business.

While studying at college, students must achieve at least a 70 per cent average to be eligible for the bachelor of applied management program.

“There are really three BAM programs – the general as well as the bachelor of applied management with an accounting (BAMAC) or with a hospitality tourism (BAMHT) designation,” notes Moir.

The intent of the program is that students will learn the business side of their trade. For example, a student with a hospitality and tourism diploma from an accredited Canadian college could study the business and management side of the industry through specially selected courses at UNB Saint John.

“A student could decide to open a tourism business. They have their college experience, then they come here and we organize the program so the management component matches up with their hospitality experience already built through college,” Moir said. 

The bachelor of applied management works to provide students with the skill set needed to manage or run a company, fostering entrepreneurial thinking.

Well-rounded degrees through one-on-one education

The program offers up many faculty of business courses, but also requires students to enrol in non-business courses.

Lee, who will be graduating in May, said she saw the program grow in her two years at UNB Saint John. Given the chance to do her education over, she wouldn’t change a thing.

“We are pioneers in this field and we’re actively looking at the potential for international opportunities,” Moir said. “We’re partnering with UNB Fredericton and looking at how we can expand this.”

The UNB Saint John campus is small enough to work with students one-on-one, creating a specialized program. 

“Your program is pretty unique to you. It builds on the skill set you’ve already acquired and fills in the gaps where each specific student needs it.”

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