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Student experience

$8.2 million in undergraduate scholarships

One in two students entering UNB directly out of high school received a scholarship last year.

125 clubs and societies

There is something for everyone at UNB – both inside and outside the classroom. Students have over 125 clubs and societies to choose from between our Fredericton and Saint John campuses. Our culture of support and entrepreneurialism also means that students are well positioned to create their own opportunities.

10,000 students from 100+ countries

Over 10,000 students from 107 countries make up the diverse student population at UNB.

Exchange programs in 36 countries

UNB students have a chance to see the world without delaying higher education. We have teamed up with 89 partners in 36 countries to offer exchange programs. Undergraduate and graduate students can study, work, intern or volunteer abroad during their time at UNB.

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