Showcasing UNB research

The project

UNB's Research Office partnered with the Media Services team to create an inspiring video to showcase the innovative research and development happening across UNB and its impact on the university, community and region.

The video premiered at the UNB Homecoming 2015 Research Showcase, but was recently updated to incorporate exciting new projects and accolades. 

The inspiration

While the video uses brand elements like our colours and fonts, it's the message that shouts "UNB." The video celebrates UNB's dominance in entrepreneurship, research and development, world-class research chairs, and the impact we make on our communities - all elements rooted in the UNB Brand Foundation

The credit

  • Project lead: Alison MacNevin, Knowledge Transfer Officer, Industry-Government Services
  • Production lead: Brendan Mittelholtz, Digital Media Coordinator/Videographer, UNB Media Services

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