Faculty: Faculty of Arts
Degree(s): Bachelor of Arts
Campus: Fredericton

History is more than just a collection of names, dates, and events. In fact, History explains everything – our actions, our knowledge, and our decisions.

Through UNB’s History program, you’ll learn that everything we know, do, and sense comes from our interpretation of the past – and interpreting it well is essential to shaping our future. You’ll also learn that History is as diverse as humanity itself – past and present – and grows with every moment.  Studying History will help you understand how and why change happens.

History is available as a major and honours in the Bachelor of Arts program. 

Why History at UNB?

History at UNB offers a wide range of fascinating courses and concentrations taught by professors who have been recognized for cutting-edge research.

Our classes are intimate, the professors are friendly and accessible, the students are smart and motivated, and the atmosphere is warm and welcoming.

Hands-on learning

  • Travel Study program   
  • Faculty of Arts internship program
  • Employment opportunities with professors or research centres
  • Opportunities to contribute to the undergraduate scholarly journal, Timepieces

Skills you will acquire

  • Construct interpretations of the past
  • Conduct research, including e-research
  • Analyze material, evaluate complex arguments, and assess evidence
  • Make clear, organized, and persuasive arguments, both in speech and in writing
  • Work effectively in groups 

For more information, see the Department of History.

Admission Requirements

For admission requirements, select "Arts" in our admission requirements tool.

Sample Courses

  • A History of Sexualities
  • Military History from Plato to NATO
  • North American Slavery
  • Prohibition and Rum-running in Canada, 1827-1948


  • Writer and editor
  • Researcher
  • Archivist
  • Librarian
  • Curator
  • Heritage worker
  • Advocate for non-governmental and non-profit organizations
  • Lawyer (further education required)
  • Teacher (further education required)