Bachelor of Science in Economics

Description of Program

The Bachelor of Science in Economics is an Undergraduate degree with an emphasis on mathematical and quantitative courses that provides an excellent entry into the workforce and background for graduate school in economics and/or finance.

A student must complete at least 120 ch (40 term-courses), with a minimum of C+ grade in the required Economics courses, and a grade of C in each of the other required courses. The program components are as follows:

Required Courses:
48 credit hours, as follows: IT 1703 or IT 1803, MATH 1003, MATH 1013, MATH 1503, MATH 2513, MATH 2523, STAT 1793, STAT 3793, STAT 4793, ECON 1013, ECON 1023, ECON 2013, ECON 2023, ECON 3013, ECON 3023, ECON 4645.

Additional Requirements:

  •     At least 18 ch of additional courses in Economics. (ECON 3665 is recommended; a maximum of 6 ch of substitutes are permitted; please see list of substitute options in Section XI of the Bachelor of Business Administration section of the Academic Calendar).
  •     At least 9 ch of additional upper level courses in Mathematics, or acceptable substitutes from the Faculty of Science, Applied Science & Engineering.
  •     Additional 3 ch in Computer Science or Information Technology.
  •     At least 6 ch of additional upper level courses in Statistics.
  •     At least 21 ch of additional courses offered by the Faculty of Science, Applied Science & Engineering, or acceptable substitutes.

At least 15 ch in Business, Computer Science, Information Technology, Data Analysis, Mathematics, Statistics, Economics, English, History, Politics and Sociology.