Although similar, the first-year requirements for the various BSc options differ from one another. They are specified separately for each option.

In the second and succeeding years, students will typically specialize by taking courses appropriate to one of many options that are available to them. Nine of these (Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Biology, Geology, Marine Biology, Physics, Psychology, Mathematics, and Statistics) lead naturally to specialization. Seven interdepartmental programs (Biology-Chemistry, Biology-Mathematics/Statistics, Biology-Psychology, Chemistry-Geology, Chemistry-Mathematics, Chemistry-Physics and Mathematics-Economics) are available. The remaining option, General Science, provides a variety of choices in both Science and Arts electives.

NOTE: Students should note that the full four years required for programs in Mathematics, Statistics, Economics, Psychology, Biology, Marine Biology, Environmental Biology, Biology-Psychology, Mathematics-Economics, Information Sciences and Computer Science may be completed on the Saint John campus and that the Marine Biology and Information Sciences programs are offered only on the Saint John campus. The full four years of a General Science option are also offered at Saint John.