IV. Certificate Programs in Administration

The University of New Brunswick, Saint John Campus offers nine certificate programs in Administration. This includes a certificate program in Business Administration Level I and Level II, Accounting, Community Leadership, Digital Business Design, Human Resource Management, Economics, Financial Markets and one in Nursing Leadership and Management.

These certificate programs are designed to provide individuals, especially working adults, with an opportunity to engage in systematic and co-cordinated study directed towards an academic goal. Participants enrolled in the certificate programs will have an opportunity to study the basic principles of administration and management; to improve their analytical skills; to increase their awareness of the various factors contributing to effective decision-making and to understand the basic functions of organizations.

The certificate programs will be of particular interest to individuals who are engaged in administration, contemplating a career in administration or management and wish to expand their knowledge in the related subject areas.

The courses in the certificate programs are presented at the undergraduate level of study and provide a framework for theoretical analysis of general principles of administration through lectures, discussions and individual study. By combining accumulated work experience and formal classroom learning, participants will be able to relate theory and practice as part of their continuing development.

All courses for the certificates are degree-credit courses. Individuals who successfully complete certificate courses and subsequently are admitted to a degree program will receive credit towards a degree. Credit will be granted for those courses accepted by the particular degree program. Individuals admitted to a BBA degree program will normally be able to apply certificate courses completed successfully to their degree program.

For further information on these Certificate Programs please see the section entitled Certificate Programs in Business Administration, in the Saint John Programs Section of this Calendar.