Statistics Major

1. A student in the BA degree who wishes to major in Statistics must complete a minimum of 16 term-courses in Statistics and Math (as designated below) and 2 term-courses in Computer Science for a total of 18 term-courses.

a. MATH 1003 , MATH 1013 , MATH 1503 , MATH 2203 , MATH 2513 , MATH 2523, STAT 1793 , STAT 2793

b. MATH 3713 , MATH 3733 , STAT 3083 , STAT 3093

c. At least four upper level term-courses in Statistics, in addition to STAT 3083 and STAT 3093

2. At least two term-courses in Computer Science are required.

NOTE: Suggested elective for the first year is STAT 1793 (or equivalent).

Minor in Statistics

A student who intends to pursue a Minor in Statistics is required to take 24 ch in Statistics. A maximum of 9 ch from Mathematics may be selected. The Minor must be declared at the same time as the Major.