Computer Science

CS3553Introduction to Bioinformatics (Cross-Listed:BIOL 3553) 4 ch (3C)

Even before the completion of the Human Genome Sequencing Project biomedical databases have stored massive amounts of DNA and protein sequence information that have been analysed and reused in biomedical studies. Today the underlying technologies and analytical tools supporting genomic data analysis make up the field known as Bioinformatics. This course will introduce core topics and tools in genomics and bioinformatics explained from a practical perspective. Students taking this course will receive hands on training in many of the following areas of study: Genome Sequencing techniques, Gene Prediction, Sequence Alignment, Sequence Databases, Genome and Protein Structure Annotation, Bioinformatic Visualization Techniques, Gene Ontology, Analysis of Scientific Literature, Biomedical Text Mining, Workflow Management Systems, Bioinformatics Web Services.

Prerequisite: 60 credit hours completed in a BSc (Biology, Marine Biology, Environmental Biology, or Biology-Psychology) or in a BScCS, or permission of the instructor.