B. Classroom, Lab, Clinical and Fieldwork Safety Decorum

Consistent with the General Regulations on Conduct as set out in the Undergraduate Calendar, faculty, staff, and students are entitled to a classroom, laboratory, clinical, practicum and fieldwork environment which affords respect and dignity to those in attendance, and is free from threats to personal safety, discrimination, harassment, intimidation and behaviour which is destructive, disruptive, disorderly and offensive. The instructor may enforce standards of decorum within the classroom, laboratory, clinical, practicum or fieldwork setting which are consistent with these regulations and has authority to ensure that all health and safety policies are observed in these settings. The instructor is encouraged to refer students to the relevant regulations and policies, including this regulation.

Where a student engages in behaviour which is inconsistent with the General Regulations on Conduct or University health and safety policies, the instructor may take reasonable steps to deal with the situation including the immediate removal of the student from the classroom, laboratory, clinical, practicum or fieldwork setting. Should it prove necessary, the instructor may call Campus Security to assist with removing a student.

Following such removal, the instructor, in consultation with the Dean and Registrar, will determine whether further action should be taken, including the possible compulsory withdrawal of the student from the course, consideration of an academic offence, or disciplinary action pursuant to the General Regulations on Conduct. Any further action will be conducted in accordance with the normal procedural provisions under the applicable University regulation.