Russian and Eurasian Studies


This program is not accepting any new admissions at this time.

Russian and Eurasian Studies is an interdisciplinary major and minor program administered by a committee drawn from the departments involved in the program. Interested students should first contact the Director who is the representative from the Russian section of the Department of Culture and Language Studies.


Major in Russian and Eurasian Studies

A major in Russian and Eurasian Studies shall consist of a minimum of 30 ch of advanced level courses relating to Russia and the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. To qualify to enter this program, students must first have satisfactorily completed 6 ch in the Russian language at the introductory level (RUSS 1013 and RUSS 1023 ) and 6 ch at the intermediate level (RUSS 2013 and RUSS 2023). The 30 ch for the Major will be selected from the list below and must meet the following requirements:

  1. 6 ch in the Russian language (RUSS 3013, RUSS 3023)
  2. two of: 6 ch in Russian or East European literature, 6 ch in Political Science of Russia, the former USSR and Eastern Europe 6 ch in the History of Russia, the former USSR, and Easter Europe.
  3. 12 additional ch (3 ch each):
    GEOG 5644 Geography of the USSR
    POLS/ECON 3112 The Political Economy of Russia and Ukraine
    POLS 3113 The Foreign Policies of East European States
    POLS/ECON 3343 The European Union in Transition
    POLS/ECON 3361 Eastern Europe in Transition
    POLS 3431 Politics of the Former Soviet Empire
    POLS 3432 Europe: East and West
    POLS 3831 Contemporary China
    RUSS 1043 Russian Culture I
    RUSS 1053 Russian Culture II
    RUSS 3013 Advanced Russian I
    RUSS 3023 Advanced Russian II
    RUSS 3051 Introduction to 19th Century Russian Literature in Translation
    RUSS 3052 Introduction to 20th Century Russian Literature in Translation
    RUSS 3083 Seminar I: Genre
    RUSS 4003/WLCS 4003 Russian Women Writers
    RUSS 4053 Seminar II: Author
    SPAN/RUSS/WLCS 4043 Literature and Religion in the 19th and 20th Century Russia and Spain

Minor in Russian Eurasian Studies

A minor in Russian and Eurasian Studies will consist of 12 ch of Russian language (RUSS 1013, RUSS 1023, RUSS 2013, RUSS 2023), as well as 6 ch each in two of political science, history or literature from the above listed courses.

Access to the upper year political science and history courses will be contingent upon departmental consent where students in the Russian and Eurasian Studies Program do not have the necessary prerequisites.