PHYS4823Advanced Electronics (A)3 ch (3C)

Role within programme and connections to other courses. The world of experimental physics is an electrifying blend of theory and hands-on measurements which relies heavily on a wide array of complex electronic devices. This course builds on Circuits & Elementary Electronics and introduces electronics and instrumentation we encounter through a physics career. The requirement to design and build electronic equipment, to integrate and control multiple components, and to efficiently operate complex instrumentation is fundamental to experimental physics. The goal of this course is to furnish the tools we need to meet these challenges. It includes topics in electronic design, interfacing and control, sensors and detectors, and data acquisition. Content. Multi-component design, amplifiers, filters, PCB design, integrated circuits, digital logic and programmable devices, radio frequency design, interfacing and control, transducers, detectors and receivers, solid state sensors. Usually alternates with Signal & Image Processing. 

Prerequisite: PHYS 2327