PHYS1072Introductory Physics - II (Health & Life Science Interest)3 ch (3C 1T)

This course introduces the students to wave phenomena and to electricity and magnetism. Throughout, the concepts related to motion learned in the previous course are used to describe and explain new phenomena. The study of waves introduces the student to propagating, periodic disturbances. In addition to their importance in mechanical phenomena (e.g. seismic waves), waves form the basis of both optics and acoustics. The study of electricity and magnetism introduces the student to the concept of charge and to the effects of charges on their surroundings (fields and forces). This course will highlight ties to and applications in the health and life sciences. 

Prerequisites: PHYS 1061 or PHYS 1071, MATH 1003 or MATH 1053. It is recommended that students intending to take Physics courses beyond Introductory Physics should take MATH 1013 or MATH 1063 as a co-requisite to this course. NOTE: Credit can be obtained in only one of PHYS 1062 or PHYS 1072.