Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering

GGE3423Introduction to Geographic Information Systems 4 ch (2C 3L)

Introduction to GIS technology; Application of GIS; understanding the nature of geographic data, from geographic data to geographic information (GI), Information Systems (IS), and GIS; earth size and shape; tracing and mapping entitles on the earth; geographic data sources and collection methodologies; evaluating the quality of the data sources; representing geographic data in the GIS; loading and managing geographic data in the GIS; analyzing geographic data, solving geographic related problems using GIS, mapping the results of that analysis using GIS, and publishing the results of the analysis on the web. Program credit cannot be given for both GGE 3423 and GGE 2423.

Prerequisite: MATH 1503 or equivalent introduction to matrices and systems of linear equations; or permission of the instructor.