Fine Arts

NOTE: See the beginning of Section H for abbreviations, course numbers and coding.

FNAT2703Visual Arts I (Studio)3 ch [W]

Same as ED 3218. Studio Practicum in one or more visual arts. 

FNAT2704Visual Arts II (Studio)3 ch [W]

Same as ED 3219. Advanced studio practice in one or more visual arts media. 

FNAT3703The Power of Images (Cross-Listed: ED 5154)3 ch [W]

Same as ED 5154. The integral relationship between visual images and other areas of study. Analyses and interpretations of a variety of images from pop culture, western and non-western art, children’s books, film, video, family photos, and advertisements, as these influence knowledge and understanding of oneself and others.

Prerequisite: Previous course in visual art, art education, or media. 

FNAT3704Readings in Contemporary Art Theory3 ch

A seminar-based approach to the in-depth consideration of contemporary art theory and practise. Individual research projects to include written, oral and visual presentations.