ENGG4000Senior Design Project 8 ch (1C 2T 4L) (W)

Full-year design course (fall and winter of same academic year) which may be taken by senior students in any engineering program. Working preferably in multidisciplinary teams of three to five individuals, students design a structure, system, process or new product. Many of the projects are sponsored by outside clients. Proposed solutions involve the use of modern engineering tools and design methods, and must meet a broad range of constraints including health and safety, sustainable development and environmental stewardship. Deliverables include progress reports and presentations, a final report with appropriate engineering drawings, and if applicable, a prototype. Weekly lectures cover topics relevant to the design projects and include presentations by guest speakers. The weekly tutorial hours are designated for scheduled meetings with project co-mentors.

Prerequisites: Restricted to students who have met the requirements of the capstone design course in their engineering program.