ECON4673Introduction to Game Theory (O) (Cross-Listed: MATH 3373)3 ch (3C)

Strategic games, n-person games in normal form, dominated strategies, Nash equilibrium, mixed strategies and mixed strategy equilibrium, games with perfect information, games
with imperfect information, Bayesian games, extensive games. The course introduces basic non-cooperative game theory and analytical tools for decision makers (consumers,
firms, politicians, governments). It is suitable for Mathematics, Economics, Management Science, Political Science, Social Science and Science students or any student with a minor in such disciplines, in particular those in the Mathematics/Statistics-Economics option.

Prerequisites: MATH 1823 and MATH 1833; or MATH 1003 and MATH 1013; or MATH 1053 and MATH 1063; or ECON 3013; or permission of the instructor.