ECON3724Economics of Human Resources3 ch (3C)

How do employers recruit the best employees for the job? How important is money relative to other factors when it comes to hiring and keeping employees? Should good performance on the job be rewarded or should bad performance be penalized? The purpose of this unit is to provide the student with the economic tools of analysis to answer these questions as well as many other important questions in the area of human resource management. Topics include education and training decisions, hiring and turnover, compensation and worker incentives, measuring performance, promotions as a motivator, and team-based production. The analysis of the main issues will be reinforced and complemented with reference to a series of firm-level case studies. 

Prerequisite: 3 ch of first-year microeconomics (ECON 1001, or ECON 1013, or ECON 1014), or ECON 1073