Comparative Cultural Studies

CCS3909Three Cultures in Medieval Spain (A) 3 ch (3C) [W]

For seven centuries (711 A.D. - 1492), part of the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal) fell under Muslim rule. Al-Andalus with its cultural diversity, unique architecture (Alhambra in Granada), art and intellectual activity became 'the ornament of the world.' There arose a contested state of coexistence (termed convivencia by Spanish historians) amongst Christian, Jewish and Muslim cultures. These three distinctive intellectual and religious communities bore witness to significant cultural achievements until the downfall of Al-Andalus. In this course, students will explore the multi-cultural world of Muslim Spain through the analysis of selected texts from literature and philosophy. The diversity of the artistic expression through dance, music, and architecture in all three cultures will also be studied. The course will be offered in English and is open to students who have successfully completed at least 30 credit hours at university level. Students who take this course is to fulfill a Major or Honours requirement in Spanish will submit required work in Spanish. Students who have taken WLCS 3909, or SPAN 3909 may not attain credit for CCS 3909.