BIOL4272Science Communication (A)3 ch (4S) (LE) [W]

The ability to effectivley communicate scientific principles to a general audience is an important skill with applications in business, education, government, and all science and healthcare-based professions. The course will focus on a variety of science communcation formats to help students plan and execute approaches for communicating recent advancements in biology from the academic literature. Students will practice their communication skills through writing a science blog or a related medium. Our central focus will be popular science, but students will also work on communication using illustrations, presentations, and other creative works. Classes will involve discussion, writing excersises, and group work to practice clear and effective communication. The course is aimed at students in their last year of a Biology program, or an interdepartmental programs that includes: Biology. May only be taken by students who have completed the second-year core courses through their program.

Prerequisite: permission of the instructor.