Bliss Family Scholarships

Field: Engineering or Education.
Value: Variable.
Number: 2.
Duration: 1 yr Education; Up to 3 yrs Engineering.


One renewable scholarship will be awarded annually to a Fredericton campus student who has completed at least the minimum requirements for the first year of the Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree program, is a graduate of a New Brunswick High School and is a Canadian citizen. One scholarship will be awarded to a Fredericton campus student beginning the Bachelor of Education degree program with preference given to a student who has graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. The recipients must be New Brunswick residents, according to the definition of the Provincial Government's Student Financial Services guidelines. Selections are made on the basis of scholastic attainment and financial need.


Bob Bliss (BScEE 1952), Tim Bliss (BScCE 1954), John Bliss (BScCE 1955), Iris Bliss (BSc 1957, BEd 1959), all UNB graduates, established these scholarships in honour of their parents, George and Gladys Bliss. The scholarships also received support from the New Brunswick University Opportunities Fund.