Scholarships Administered by Outside Agencies

Students are encouraged to contact the sponsoring agency directly for application forms. 


Paul Wm. Alexander Scholarship

field: Unrestricted. value: $1,650 over life of award; $400 a year for 3 years, and $450 for year 4. duration: 4 years. conditions: Recipient must intend to enter a YMCA career. Selections are made primarily on the basis of academic achievement and financial need. apply: Area Director, Paul W. Alexander Scholarship Fund, International Association of Y’s Men’s Clubs, Box 56, Kensington, P.E.I. donor: International Association of Y’s Men’s Clubs. 

ALICA Scholarship (Atlantic Land Improvement Contractors Scholarship)

field: Forestry value: $1,000 number: duration: 1 year conditions: Awarded to a Fredericton campus student from the Atlantic Provinces who has completed the normal requirements for the first year of the Bachelor of Science in Forestry or Bachelor of Science in Forest Engineering degree programs. Selection is made on the basis of scholastic achievement. Preference will be given to students undertaking senior projects dealing with environmental issues related to forest lands, or equipment development for the forest industry. apply: Faculty of Forestry and Environmental Management. donor: Atlantic Land Improvement Contractors Association. 

Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada

conditions: The AUCC administers more than 150 scholarship programs on behalf of the federal government, domestic and foreign agencies and private sector companies. For a complete listing of the AUCC scholarships, visit their website at or contact the AUCC at 350 Albert Street, Suite 600, Ottawa, ON K1R 1B1, tel: (613)563-1236. 

Bank of Montreal Centre for Entrepreneurial Leadership Scholarship

field: Administration - Entrepreneurial Studies value: $2000 number: duration: 4 years conditions: Awarded to BBA students who are graduates of New Brunswick high schools. The successful applicants must complete a business plan to be judged by a committee of three business participants and three educators. This scholarship will be applied toward tuition costs for any student entering UNB. apply: Department of Education, Attention: Jacques Theriault, P.O. Box 6000, Fredericton, NB E3B 5H1. awarding agency: Centre for Entrepreneurial Leadership. donor: Bank of Montreal. 

Jeanette Robinson Belyea Scholarship

field: Unrestricted value: Up to $1300. number: 1. duration: 1 year. conditions: Awarded every year to a student of the public schools of the Town of St. Stephen or the County of Charlotte, preference being given always to a student of the public schools of the Town of St. Stephen. Consideration will be given to scholastic attainment, character, ability, and financial need. apply: Student Services Supervisor, School District 10, 11 School St., St. Stephen, NB E3L 2N4. awarding agency: School District 10. donor: The late Jeanette Robinson Belyea. deadline: May 01. 

V.C. Blackett Scholarship

field: Engineering. value: $300 number: duration: 1 year. conditions: Regularly enrolled Engineering student in the year prior to graduation at a Maritime Province University. Must be a resident of Westmorland, Albert, or Kent County, or the Parish of Havelock. Financial need shall be a prime consideration as well as scholastic promise. apply: The Secretary, Moncton Branch, P.O. Box 2424, Station "A", Moncton, N.B. awarding agency: Moncton Branch, Engineering Institute of Canada and Association of Professional Engineers of New Brunswick. 

C.I.M. New Brunswick Branch, Earth Science Scholarship

field: Geology, Mining or Metallurgy. value: $1,500. number: duration: 1 year. conditions: Students who have completed at least one year of studies in a program leading to a degree in the earth sciences. The award is made on the basis of interest in a career in the earth sciences, scholastic ability, need and outside interests. The scholarship is tenable at the Canadian University of the recipient’s choice. Applicants should have been born or resided in New Brunswick for a total of seven years or have immediate family resident in the Province of New Brunswick. apply: Ronald Shaw, c/o NB Department of Natural Resources & Energy, Mines Branch, P. O. Box 6000, Fredericton, NB, E3B 5H1 prior to April 15. awarding agency: C.I.M. New Brunswick Branch. 

Cal Callahan Memorial Bursary

field: Unrestricted. value: Up to $5,000. number: Multiple. duration: 1 year. conditions: To be eligible a student must be the child or legal ward of a person whose principle income is derived from the pipeline industry and whose employers are members of the Association. The student must be beginning undergraduate studies in a full program leading to a degree or certificate in any field. Selection is made on the basis of scholastic record and financial need. Deadline for receipt of applications is 30 September. Applications must be accompanied by proof of enrolment. apply: Pipe Line Contractors Association of Canada, Suite 720, 5915 Airport Rd., Mississauga, Ontario, L4V 1T1. awarding agency: Executive Committee of Pipe Line Contractors Association of Canada. 

J.A.D. Campbell Memorial Scholarship

conditions: Applications are invited for the J.A.D. Campbell Memorial Scholarship which was established under the terms of the Last Will and Testament of the late J.A.D. Campbell in March 1983. Eligible Applicants: Charlotte County students pursuing literary endeavors at any recognized College or University. Available for either undergraduate or graduate studies. Scholarship Committee: Consists of the Mayors of the Towns of St. George, St. Andrews and St. Stephen who will advise Royal Trust with respect to the name and address of the successful applicant. Amount of Award: Approximately $1,000 non-renewable. Application Procedure: A letter of application containing, (1) the applicants full name, address and SIN number; (2) details of the applicant’s program of study; (3) applicant’s statement of need or relevant information and (4) three references that may be contacted, should be sent to: Town of St. Stephen, 34 Milltown Blvd., St. Stephen, N.B. E3L 1G3, Attention: Janet McAuley, Executive Secretary. deadline: June 22 

Canadian Armed Forces Sponsorship Plans (General)

conditions: The Department of National Defence sponsors programs of university education and leadership training for selected young men and women who have the potential to become officers in the Canadian Armed Forces. The programs sponsored are the Regular Officer Training Plan (ROTP), Medical Officer Training Plan (MOTP) and Dental Training Plan (DOTP). Training is divided into normal attendance during the academic year and military training each summer. A period of obligatory military service is a condition of acceptance to any of these plans. For further details, contact: Canadian Armed Forces Recruiting Office, 189 Prince William Street, Saint John, N.B., E2L 2B9, (506) 636-4973 or 1-800-222-9506 (in NB). 

Canadian Federation of University Women - Saint John Scholarship I

field: Unrestricted value: $1000. number: duration: 1 year. conditions: Female student entering her final year of university. The student must have graduated from a high school in N.B. School Districts 6,8 or 1. Awarded on the basis of academic standing and financial need. apply: Chair of the Scholarship Committee, CFUW Saint John, PO Box 6233, Station A, Saint John NB, E2L 4R7 awarding agency: Canadian Federation of University Women - Saint John 

Canadian Federation of University Women - Saint John Scholarship II

field: Unrestricted. value: $500. number: duration: 1 year. conditions: Awarded to a mature female student of Saint John entering a university in New Brunswick either for a degree program or part thereof, for extension courses or post-graduate work. The award will be presented only to applicants who are in need of financial assistance. No application forms are needed, but an informative letter stating previous and intended education and the applicant’s financial situation is required by April 30. apply: Chair of the Scholarship Committee, CFUW Saint John, PO Box 6233, Station A, Saint John NB, E2L 4R7 awarding agency: Canadian Federation of University Women - Saint John 

Canadian Legion Bursary Fredericton Branch

field: Unrestricted. value: $1,000 number: up to 20 duration: 1 year. conditions: Awarded to children or grandchildren of ex-service personnel residing in the Fredericton Area or descendants of veterans who held membership in Branch No. 4, Fredericton Branch, Royal Canadian Legion. Awards made based on need. apply: The Secretary, Fredericton Branch, Royal Canadian Legion, P.O. Box 132, Fredericton, N.B. E3B 4Y2 awarding agency: Fredericton Branch, Royal Canadian Legion. 

Canadian Legion Scholarship, Auxiliary Provincial Command

field: Unrestricted. value: $200 per annum. number: duration: 3-1 year awards; 1-4 conditions: Available from nearest N.B. Legion Branch. awarding agency: N.B. Auxiliary Command, Royal Canadian Legion. 

Canadian Legion Scholarship, Provincial Command

field: Unrestricted. value: $150. number: duration: 1 year. conditions: Available from Provincial Command. apply: The Secretary-Treasurer, New Brunswick Provincial Command, The Royal Canadian Legion, P.O. Box 3426, Station B, Saint John, N.B. 

Central Branch New Brunswick Society of Retired Teachers Scholarship

conditions: Scholarships to provide financial assistance for worthy students enrolled in the education degree program at the University of New Brunswick. Graduates from high school in School Districts 17 and 18 and Ecole Ste. Anne who have been accepted into the Education Program at UNB are eligible to apply. The value and number of awards will be contingent on the amount of the annual interest from investments. Award money will be paid to the University of New Brunswick during the second term of the academic year. donor: Central Branch New Brunswick Society of Retired Teachers. 

Certified General Accountants Scholarship

field: Business Administration. value: $1,200. duration: 1 year. conditions: Students interested in entering the CGA Program of Studies can apply to the Association for a scholarship of $1200. apply: Applications for this scholarship are available from your Business Administration Department. donor: Certified General Accountants Association of New Brunswick. 

Charlotte County Overseas Soldiers’ Scholarship

field: Unrestricted. value: $300. number: duration: 3 years. conditions: A student who is a descendant of a member of the Carleton and York Regiment, residing in Charlotte County, N.B. apply: Montreal Trust Company, Box 695, Saint John, N.B. awarding agency: Montreal Trust Company. 

Florence Christie Memorial Bursary

field: Unrestricted. value: $1,500. number: 1. duration: 1 year. conditions: Awarded to a full or part-time UNB student. Financial need and volunteer experience will be considered. apply: The Saint John Volunteer Center, P.O. Box 7091 Station A, Saint John, NB E2L 4S5 (506)658-1555 awarding agency: Saint John Volunteer Centre. donor: The Greater Saint John Community Foundation. 

Class of 1995 Faculty of Forestry and Environmental Management Award

field: Forestry/Forest Engineering. value: $500. number: duration: 1 year. conditions: Awarded to a student in Forestry or Forest Engineering on the Fredericton campus who has successfully completed four years of study (120 credit hours). Consideration will be given to participation in extra-curricular activities within the Faculty of Forestry & Environmental Management. Presentation of award - October 1 of each year. apply: Dean, Faculty of Forestry & Environmental Management. awarding agency: Graduating Class of the Faculty of Forestry & Environmental Management and a representation from the Faculty. donor: Forestry and Forest Engineering Class of 1995. 

Co-Op Atlantic McEwen Scholarship

field: Unrestricted. value: $1,000 per annum. number: duration: Up to four years. conditions: Applicants must be a) a full-time employee or the dependent of a full-time employee of Co-Op Atlantic or one of its member co-operatives or b) applicants must submit an essay of not less than 500 words regarding past experience and aspirations and the concept of co-operation. apply: Manager, Corporate Administrative Services, Co-Op Atlantic, P.O. Box 750, Moncton, NB, E1C 8N5. awarding agency: Co-Op Atlantic. 

Isabel Adams Coburn Memorial Scholarships

field: Unrestricted. value: Up to $2000 number: duration: 1 year conditions: Awarded in memory of New Brunswick educator Isabel Adams Coburn to students residing in certain areas of the parishes of Bright and Queensbury (Keswick Ridge/Mactaquac area), York Co., N.B., who are entering or attending the University of New Brunswick as candidates for an undergraduate or graduate degree. Award money will be paid to the University during the second term of the academic year. (Contact the awarding agency for a precise definition of areas of eligibility). apply: Isabel Adams Coburn Scholarship Trust, c/o W.T. Walker, 200-320 Maple Street, Fredericton, N.B. E3A 3R4 by June 15. awarding agency: Isabel Adams Coburn Scholarship Trust. 

Donald E. Curren Scholarships

field: Unrestricted. value: Variable. number: Up to 8 awards. duration: 1 year. conditions: Open to mobility impaired students who have been accepted by a University in the Atlantic Provinces, with preference to paraplegics and quadriplegics. The scholarships will be awarded on the basis of academic standing and on such other criteria as the Selection Committee may determine. Recipients must be Canadian citizens, or landed immigrants, and residents of the Atlantic Provinces. apply: Donald E. Curren Scholarship Fund, c/o Canadian Paraplegic Association, Nova Scotia Division, 1310 Hollis Street, Suite 150, Halifax, N.S., B3J 3P3 by July 10. awarding agency: The Donald E. Curren Scholarship Fund. 

Electrolux Canada Award of Excellence

field: Business Administration Marketing Management value: $1,000. number: Variable. duration: 1 year. conditions: Open to students entering the third or fourth year of an undergraduate degree program relating to Marketing Management. Candidates must be Canadian citizens or have held landed immigrant status for one year prior to submitting application. apply: Mr. Patrick W. Tolbert, Executive Vice President, Electrolux Canada, 2 Sheppard Ave., East, Willowdale, Ontario, M2N 6C1. 

Fredericton Rotary Club Memorial Scholarships

value: $1,000. number: 3. duration: 1 year (may be renewed. conditions: Scholarship recipients must have successfully completed, as a minimum, one year of undergraduate study at a recognized university and be enrolled as a student at a university in the academic year for which the scholarship is awarded. Recipients must be disabled persons or person who are enrolled in a course of study the purpose of which is to assist or work with disabled persons. In the latter case, previous experience working with the disabled will be considered. Preference will be given to applicants from the Greater Fredericton area. apply: Memorial Scholarship Committee, Fredericton Rotary Club, P.O. Box 301, Fredericton, NB, E3B 4Y9 or visit their webpage: awarding agency: Memorial Scholarship Committee, Fredericton Rotary Club deadline: March 14th. 

Fredericton Society of Saint Andrew Scholarship

field: Unrestricted. number: 1. duration: 1 year. conditions: -Value: Recent award amounts have been approximately $1,000- $1,500 -Students who are native of Scotland or who are of Scottish descent having completed a minimum of one year undergraduate study in a first degree program on the Fredericton campus. -The course must lead to a degree to be conferred by the university. apply: For more information and application procedures, email Ian Andrews: awarding agency: The Fredericton Society of St. Andrew. deadline: November 1. 

Fredericton Women's Executive Club

field: Unrestricted. value: $1,000. number: 2. conditions: The Women's Executive Club is giving a scholarship to a female student in the Fredericton area that is continuing her education after high school. Criteria: Female candidate requiring financial assistance for post-secondary education, can be any year of study. In your application please include the name of the educational institute you are entering and also some of your interests, hobbies, etc. Candidates will be interviewed by the end of May 2006. Confirmation of your registration is required from the school you will be attending to further your education prior to the scholarship being paid out. apply: Please apply in writing to: Fredericton Women's Executive Club, 527 Beaverbrook Court Suite 140, Fredericton, NB E3B 1X6. donor: Fredericton Women's Executive Club. deadline: May 1, 2006. 

Gilbert W. Ganong Scholarship

field: Unrestricted. value: $1300. number: 1. duration: 1 year. conditions: Awarded every year to a deserving student entering from the County of Charlotte. apply: Student Services Supervisor, School District 10, 11 School St., St. Stephen, NB E3L 2N4 awarding agency: School District 10. donor: The late Mrs. Maria F. Ganong. deadline: May 01. 

Ralph Gustafson Poetry Prize

conditions: The Fiddlehead through an annual competition for the best poem or suite of poems written originally in English and previously unpublished. The competition will be open to writers from any country. Submission will be judged by a panel of three judges. The winner will be announced in The Fiddlehead and suitable publications such as Books in Canada, the newsletter of the League of Canadian Poets, and UNB Perspectives. Candidates should apply to The Fiddlehead, Campus House, University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, NB, E3B 5A3. Phone: (506) 453-3501; Fax: (506) 453-4599. The prize has been funded by Elisabeth Renninger Gustafson and the Estate of Ralph Barker Gustafson. 

J. Harper Kent Charitable Foundation Inc. Scholarship

field: Unrestricted. value: Variable. number: Variable. duration: 1 year (may be renewed). conditions: Candidates must be Canadian citizens. Preference will be given to candidates entering university at the first year level, with continued support on to the first degree, subject to satisfactory achievement. Priority will be given firstly to residents of the City of Bathurst, N.B. or secondly to residents of the County of Gloucester, N.B., or thirdly to residents of the Province of New Brunswick. Selections will be made on the basis of scholastic attainment and financial need. Scholarships will be granted for attendance at university of candidate’s choice, with preference given to universities in the Atlantic provinces. apply: The Selection Committee, J. Harper Kent Charitable Foundation Inc., P.O. Box 1177, Bathurst, N.B. E2A 4H9. donor: J. Harper Kent Charitable Foundation Inc. 

Kinsmen and Kinettes Bursary

field: Unrestricted. value: $1.000. duration: 1 year. conditions: To be eligible you must be a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant; plan to register as a full-time student in September of the upcoming shcool year at a recognized University or Community, Technical Institute or other post-secondary institution for advance learning; demonstrate high ideals and qualities of citizenship and not have previously received a bursary from the Hal Rogers Endowment Fund. apply: The application form is available on the website: Please submit it to your nearest Kinsmen, Kinette or Kin Club. awarding agency: Kinsmen & Kinette Clubs of Canada donor: Hal Rogers Endowment Fund. 

Ladies Auxiliary of the Fairvale Outing Association Bursary

field: Unrestricted. value: $1000. number: Var. duration: 1 year. conditions: Applicant must be a resident of the village of Fairvale and a second, third or fourth year student. Selection will be based on scholastic standing and financial need. apply: Mrs. R. Isaacs, 7 Brook Drive, Fairvale, Rothesay, N.B. E0G 2W0 or Mrs. Foster, 158 Gondola Pt. Road, Fairvale, E2E 2C2 not later than June 7. donor: Ladies Auxiliary of the Fairvale Outing Association. 

Leonard Foundation Scholarships

field: Unrestricted. value: Variable but on average $1,250. number: 140 awards will be made annually across Canada. duration: 1 year - students may reapply conditions: Awarded to students enrolled in an undergraduate degree program. Preference will be given to sons and daughters of clergy, teachers, military personnel, graduates of Royal Military College, members of the Engineering Institute of Canada and members of the Mining and Metallurgical Institute of Canada. Successful applicants are expected to seek employment during free time to help defray the costs of their education, and to participate in athletics, fitness or military activities, as well as showing qualities of potential leadership ability. apply: Leonard Foundation, c/o The Canada Trust Company, 20 Eglinton Avenue West, Toronto, Ontario, M4R 2E2. deadline: March 15. 

Dr. William MacIntosh Chapter IODE Bursary

field: Unrestricted. value: $500 duration: 1 year. conditions: Single Parent, part-time undergraduate student at UNBSJ who has successfully completed a minimum of 20 credit hours at University, financial need. apply: Student Services, UNB Saint John. donor: Dr. William MacIntosh Chapter, IODE. 

Fred Magee Scholarships

field: Vocational Teacher Education (Business Education, Home Economics, Industrial). value: $500. number: 12 duration: 1 year. conditions: Awarded to students enrolling or enrolled in the four-year Vocational Teacher Education program (Business Education, Home Economics, Industrial). apply: Chair, Division of Vocational Education, UNB by April 15. awarding agency: New Brunswick Department of Education. donor: The late Fred Magee. 

Miramichi Highland Society’s Scholarship

field: Arts or Science. value: Variable. number: 1. duration: To be awarded every year for 4 years or until student fails to maintain a pass standing, at which time they shall forfeit the scholarship. conditions: Awarded every four years or whenever a vacancy occurs, subject to the following Conditions: 1. Candidate must be a Scot or of Scottish descent. 2. Candidate must have exhibited successful academic performance. 3. Pecuniary circumstances are to be taken into consideration. 4. Appointee who fails to maintain a pass standing shall forfeit the scholarship. apply: Secretary, Highland Society of New Brunswick, Box 303, Miramichi, NB E1N 3A7. awarding agency: The Highland Society of New Brunswick, Miramichi. deadline: September 15. 

Harvey Moore Wildlife Scholarship

field: Wildlife Conservation. value: Variable. number: duration: 1 year. conditions: Awarded annually with preference to students attending the University of Prince Edward Island and studying Biology or other suitable field of study there, and showing a special interest in wildlife conservation and aptitude for its promotion. Apply by January 31 to President, The Prince Edward Island Wildlife Federation (1977), P. O. Box 753, Charlottetown, P.E.I., C1A 7L3. 

National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation Scholarships

conditions: The National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation provides educational scholarship assistance to Aboriginal students with the generous support of the federal government and many corporate sponsors. apply: The National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation, Suite 331, 70 Yorkville Avenue, Toronto, ON M5R 1B9. Tel: 1-800-329-9780. Email: Website: 

New York Times-Gaspesia Scholarship

field: Any branch of learning but preference to Faculties of Engineering,Forestry and Science. value: $1,000 per year. number: duration: 4 years. conditions: The Scholarship is available for study in any recognized Canadian university. Applicants must reside in the territory situated between Port Daniel and Rivie Gre au Renard included. The applicant must be attending a university or admitted to attend in the year in which application is made. Basis for selection will be scholastic standing, financial need, extra-curricular activities and personal interviews. The winners will be assured of summer employment during the years they are in receipt of the scholarship. apply: Letter of application to the Personnel Department, Gaspesia Pulp and Paper Company Ltd., Chandler, P.Q. awarding agency: Scholarship Committee of Gaspesia Pulp and Paper Co. Ltd. 

Dr. Robert M. Pendrigh Memorial Prize

conditions: A prize of $500 to be awarded annually on the recommendation of the Department of Nursing to an outstanding graduating student who has achieved high standing in the Bachelor of Nursing degree program on the Saint John campus. The prize has been funded by the late Dr. Robert Pendrigh and is administered by the Atlantic Health Sciences Corporation. apply: Faculty of Nursing, UNBSJ. 

President's Award for Excellence in Nursing

field: Nursing value: $200. number: 1 per site conditions: A prize of $200 to be awarded annually on the recommendation of the Nursing Faculty, to a graduating nursing student exemplifying high academic standards, leadership skills and clinical competency. The prize has been provided by the Nurses Association of New Brunswick and will be presented at the Graduation Dinner for Nursing graduates. apply: Faculty of Nursing, UNB Fredericton. 

Province of New Brunswick Bursaries

conditions: The Province of New Brunswick provides bursaries to New Brunswick students who require financial assistance toward their university education. The program operates in conjunction with the Canada Student Loan Plan, which is administered by the Department of Advanced Education and Training. Applications for student loans are considered on the basis of need, and approvals are made such that part of the financial support is by way of a loan, repayable under the terms of the Canada Student Loan Plan, while the remainder is a bursary and not subject to repayment. Inquiries and applications should be directed to the Student Aid Division, Dept. of Advanced Education and Training P.O. Box 6000, Fredericton, N.B., E3B 5H1. 

Queen Elizabeth Scholarships in Education

field: Education. value: $500 (per annum). number: Variable. duration: 2 years. conditions: Awarded to outstanding students entering the third year of the Bachelor of Education degree program. apply: Dean of Education, UNB. awarding agency: New Brunswick Department of Education. 

Registered Professional Foresters Association of Nova Scotia Student Award

field: Forestry. value: $750. number: 1. duration: 1 year. conditions: Open to 3rd or 4th year full time students who are graduates from a Nova Scotia high school and are enrolled in an undergraduate Canadian Forestry Accreditation Board (CFAB) approved forestry degree program at any university in Canada. The recipients must be active in faculty or university events and make a positive contribution to student life on campus. apply: Faculty of Forestry and Environmental Management. awarding agency: Registered Professional Foresters Association of Nova Scotia. deadline: September 30. 

Regular Officer Training Plan

conditions: This plan combines university subsidization with career training as an officer in the Regular component of the Canadian Forces. Successful applicants are enrolled and are required to maintain a good standing both academically and militarily while being sponsored. All tuition and other essential fees are paid by the Department of National Defence. As well, a monthly salary is paid to cover living expenses. Free medical and dental care is provided and annual leave is provided generally before and after the summer training period. Upon graduation, Officer Cadet is commissioned as an Officer in the rank of 2nd Lieutenant.The normal obligatory service for ROTP is five years following graduation. Undergraduate students are eligible to apply for this program provided they have at least one full year remaining before graduation. For further details, contact: Canadian Armed Forces Recruiting Office, 189 Prince William Street, Saint John, N.B., E2L 2B9, (506) 636-4973 or 1-800-222-9506 (in NB). 

Reserve Entry Scheme Officer (RESO)

conditions: This plan provides an opportunity for a limited number of suitable candidates attending Canadian universities to serve as Officers. Training is primarily during the summer months. Officer Cadet in RESO are paid for participating in training and are provided with uniform, rations and quarters. They are not subsidized for their post-secondary education nor are they obliged to serve in the Reserve Force after graduation. Diversified military training leads to promotion as a commissioned Office in the Primary Reserve of the Canadian Forces. For further details, contact: Canadian Armed Forces Recruiting Office, 189 Prince William Street, Saint John, N.B., E2L 2B9, (506) 636-4973 or 1-800-222-9506 (in NB). 

Residence Representative Board Award

conditions: An annual award of $100 presented by the UNB Residence Representative Board to a student living in residence who remains active in residence life and who best promotes house spirit and community involvement. This student must be living in residence for not less than 2 years and be in good academic standing. For more information, contact your house president. 

Rotary Foundation Scholarships

field: Unrestricted. value: Air fare to and from the country of study, incidental travel expenses, tuition and other educational fees, room and board plus incidental living expenses, $300 (U.S.) for limited educational travel. duration: 1 year. conditions: Tenable in a country other than that in which the candidate lives or studies. Scholarships are awarded to promote understanding and friendly relations between peoples of different nations through study abroad by outstanding students. Candidate must have maintained high standards in academic studies, have a good knowledge of his/her country, have demonstrated qualities of leadership, and be prepared to act as an "ambassador of good-will". Awards may be made for any field of study by a candidate for an undergraduate or graduate degree: Undergraduate Scholarship (Ages 18 through 24 inclusive): Have two years or more of university level study but not have achieved a bachelor’s degree. Must not be married. Graduate Scholarship (Ages 18 through 28 inclusive): Must hold a bachelor’s degree, or equivalent. May be married. apply: Through a Rotary Club, in the Rotary district in which the student either lives or studies. awarding agency: Rotary Foundation of Rotary International. deadline: March 1. 

Royal Canadian Naval Benevolent Fund

conditions: Dependents of former members of the Naval Forces of Canada, and the Canadian Merchant Navy Veterans. Limited assistance also for grandchildren. The fund only provides "LAST DOLLAR" assistance. Students should obtain the results of applications for student loan, bursaries, scholarships, etc. prior to making application to the fund. Academic documentation required in addition to details on naval service. For specific requirements on this fund as well as other funds administered through this program, contact: Royal Canadian Naval Benevolent Fund, P.O. Box 505, Stn. "B", Ottawa, Ontario, K1P 5P6. Tel: 613-996-5087, Toll Free: 1-888-557-8777 or Fax: 613-236-8830. 

Saint Joseph's Hospital Foundation Bursary

conditions: A bursary valued at $100 to be awarded annually to a Saint John campus student entering the second year of the BN degree program who has successfully completed a minimum of 30 credit hours. Selection is made on the basis of financial need and promise in nursing. The bursary has been funded by the Saint Joseph's Hospital Foundation. apply: Faculty of Nursing, UNBSJ. 

Saint Paul’s Wark Scholarship

field: Unrestricted. value: $400 or $500 ($100 per annum). number: duration: 4 or 5 years. conditions: A deserving student attending UNB who is during his college course a member or adherent of Saint Paul’s United Church of Canada, Fredericton, N.B. apply: Minister of Saint Paul’s United Church of Canada, Fredericton, N.B. awarding agency: Scholarship Committee of the session of Saint Paul’s Church. donor: Saint Paul’s United Church of Canada, Fredericton, N.B. 

Jack Scovil Scholarship

field: Nursing. value: $250. number: duration: 1 year. conditions: Awarded to two BN/RN students on the Saint John campus who have successfully completed 30 ch towards their BN/RN degree. Applicants will be assessed on the basis of their community experience(s) and nurses currently employed with the Victoria Order of Nurses (Saint John) will receive preference. apply: Applications are available at the Office of Student Services, Saint John campus. donor: V.O.N., Saint John. deadline: December 1. 

Cindy Seaman Memorial Award in Nursing

conditions: An award valued at $500 to be awarded annually to a Saint John campus student entering the third year of the BN degree program who has successfully completed a minimum of 65 credit hours. Selection is made on the basis of scholastic achievement and financial need. The award is dedicated to the memory of Cindy Seaman, former secretary of the Saint John Medical Society. apply: Faculty of Nursing, UNBSJ. donor: The Saint John Medical Society. 

Thelma Sewell Memorial Scholarship

field: Home Economics. value: $1,295. number: duration: 1 year. conditions: Open to graduates of a high school in the Province of New Brunswick with evidence of a genuine interest in Home Economics or related subject areas, who have achieved good results in a variety of high school subjects including the applied sciences. Applicant must have applied for admission to a Bachelor’s degree program in Home Economics in any Province of Canada. apply: Margaret McCormack, 9 Firwood Cres., Moncton, N.B. E1A 5W9, prior to 31 May. awarding agency: New Brunswick Home Economics Association. donor: The family of the late Thelma Sewell. 

Frank H. Sobey Fund for Excellence in Business Studies

field: Business. value: $6,000 duration: 1 year. conditions: Applicants must have completed one year of undergraduate business studies at an Atlantic Provinces university and be enrolled for full-time study for the next year, also at an Atlantic Canadian University. apply: Faculty of Administration, UNBF, and Faculty of Business, UNBSJ. 

St. Vincent's Alumnae Association Scholarships

conditions: St. Vincent's Alumnae Association, Saint John, N. B. offers several scholarships to graduates of St. Vincent's High School. To be eligible a student must be a female graduate of St. Vincent's High School who is currently enrolled in or applying to attend a recognized post-secondary institution. Available scholarships are: (1) Sister M. Francesca Memorial Scholarship; (2) Sister M. Angela Memorial Scholarship; (3) Mrs. M. Muriel Corkery-Ryan Q.C. Memorial Scholarship; (4) The Dolan-McGuiggan Memorial Scholarship; (5) The Katherine Louise Roderick Memorial Scholarship; (6) The Mary M. Chaisson Memorial Scholarship; (7) The Edward L. & M. Clare Broderick Morris Memorial Scholarship; (8) The Helen G. Hurley Family Scholarship; (9) The Deborah Montague Bursary; (10) The M. Geraldine Carleton & Class of 1908 Bursary.(11) The M. Loretta MacKinnon Award. apply: St. Vincent's Alumnae Scholarship Committee, P.O. Box 27133, Saint John, N.B. E2M 5S8; e-mail:; website: deadline: August 30th. 

Wajax Fire Control Technical Report Award

conditions: Wajax Limited will award three cash prizes for reports on forest fire control, management or use written as part of an undergraduate forestry curriculum. One report will be selected from and by each of the six forestry faculties in Canada and forwarded to Wajax Limited by January 31. An independent three man committee will judge the reports. Graduating senior theses are excluded. apply: Dean of Forestry and Environmental Management. 

Walter W. White Scholarship

field: Unrestricted. value: Up to $900 per annum number: duration: 4 years, provided student passes each year conditions: The most promising male student from the Saint John High School who requires financial assistance to attend the University of New Brunswick. Tenable from the time the recipient enters university until he graduates. apply: The Principal, Saint John High School, Saint John, N.B. awarding agency: Canada Permanent Trust Company, 53 King Street, Saint John, N.B. donor: The late Douglas V. White. 

Sophia Wood Education Fund

field: Geology and/or Geological Engineering value: Variable. number: Multiple. duration: 1 year. conditions: Open to students in Geology and Geological Engineering who have completed at least the normal requirements for the first year of their degree program. apply: Check with the Faculty of Engineering. awarding agency: The Women’s Association of the Mining Industry of Canada.