The University maintains thirteen residence halls, including men’s, women’s, co-ed, suite-style (one, two and three bedroom furnished suites) and apartment style houses (one, two and three bedroom unfurnished apartments). UNB believes in a developmental residential living experience, supporting both academic success and personal development. Living to Learn fosters an academic context within the Residence Community and assist students in their transition to more independent living and the development of transferable skills. As a peer-supported learning environment, Leading to Learn also seeks to develop student leadership skills through wellness programming. High speed internet is available in all UNB-F residences. UNB further fosters a positive living environment through attractive common areas, recent infrastructure improvements, and policies such as all residences being non-smoking. Residence dining is available in two main residence dining halls offering ultimate dining (greater freshness, variety, and personalization of food) through several different dining plans intended to match each individual students’ preferences and dietary needs. UNB also offers several retail food outlets on campus to provide students with a wide variety of dining options. The residences are administered by Residential Life, a division within Student Services. Each residence house is supported by a House Team consisting of Student Leaders, both elected by the House (House President and Committee) and selected by the university (Proctors and Lead Proctors). These House Teams work closely with residence professional support resources including the Residence Coordinators, Residence Office Team, and ResNet Support Administrator. The Director, Residential Life is a full-time professional responsible for leadership, overall management, governance, quality, development, food quality, and long-term vision of Residential Life. The Director, Finance & Operations is a full-time professional responsible for the physical operation of the residences (including janitorial services, maintenance, repairs, and capital improvements), finance and administration, and vending contracts.



Since residence space at UNB is limited, no one can be guaranteed admission or readmission to residence until a formal offer of residence is issued, accepted and confirmed by the payment of the non-refundable residence application fee.

  1. The University recognizes the desirability and value of Students living in residence in their first undergraduate year as well as having senior students remain in residence. Hence, every effort is made to ensure a reasonable balance between new admission and returning students.
  2. Although consideration is given to the student's preferences, admission/readmission to residence guarantees a student a place in residence as opposed to a particular room. Initial room assignments or later changes are at the sole discretion of the University.
  3. Room assignment information is available in late July via the UNB Website ( with students selecting “My UNB e-Services”, entering their Login ID and PIN, and selecting the “Residence” tab. Students experiencing problems should contact Residential Life.

New Residents

  1. Students requesting residence must complete and submit a UNB Residences Application Form. Please note that this is a separate document from the University of New Brunswick Application for Admission.
  2. New residence applicants should note that admission to residence will not be offered until admission to a UNB Fredericton program has been granted by the University Registrar and that acceptance to the University does not guarantee a place in residence.

All further information on the residence application process, how to apply, residence fees, refunds and the residence contract, can be found on the UNB residence website at