A. Class Attendance

  1. Students are expected to attend all classes, laboratories, tutorials, or other class meetings officially designated for a particular course. They are expected, also, to complete all assignments. Departments, or individual instructors, may make specific requirements about attendance and class participation. An instructor may assign a final grade of F in the course to a student who fails to meet any one of these requirements, including failure to maintain the stipulated attendance policy. Such requirements must be communicated in writing to students no later than the second (2nd) Friday of the term (see item A(4) under Examination, Standing and Promotion). It is the responsibility of a student who is absent during the first two weeks to ascertain the requirements of the course.
  2.  Students are advised to check course restrictions to determine the policy in effect concerning class attendance during the first week of lectures. In some courses, for example, those with limited enrollment, failure to attend during the first week or to make arrangements with the instructor may result in the cancellation of the registration. Approval of the Departmental Chair, or the Dean in Faculties where there is no Chair, is required.
  3.  It is expected that most problems caused by a student's absence from classes,including absence from mid-term tests, can be resolved with the instructor concerned. If through sickness or other unavoidable cause, a student is absent from classes, the student must advise the instructors immediately upon return to classes. The instructor may request suitable documentation if such confirmation is considered necessary. Health certificates will be accepted for consideration only from the health care professional who attended the student during the period of absence.