SOCI6643Selected Topics in the Sociology of Health and Health Care3 ch
This graduate seminar will cover a broad range of perspectives and issues in the sociology of health and health care. While we will make use of research on health and health care in the wider international context, our focus in general will be on examinations of the nature and use of health care in Canada. While it is difficult in a one-term course to be comprehensive, this course is designed to cover as much of the area as possible to give students a sense of the scope of this area of sociological research. Topics covered within this course will include: theoretical approaches to the sociological study of health and health care; a variety of conceptual models of health; the social production of disease; health seeking behaviour; health care professions and the institution of medicine, as well as alternative and complementary health care. This course is designed to run on a seminar format where the emphasis is on student contribution to discussion of course material. Students will be responsible for presentation of articles assigned from the weekly readings and presenting students will take the lead role in facilitating discussion of the article(s) assigned to them. However, all students are required to come to seminar prepared to discuss all the assigned readings for each week, not only those they are responsible for presenting.