PSYC6998P.h.D. Thesis0 ch
In accordance with regulations set out by the Graduate School students register in PSYC 6998 in their first term of enrollment in the Ph.D. degree. The dissertation proposal will be written under the guidance of a thesis advisor and dissertation committee. Once the proposal is acceptable to the dissertation committee, it will be presented to the department as a colloquium. Although the approval of the proposal rests solely with the thesis committee, the student, supervisor and thesis committee should take any comments or concerns expressed during the "proposal colloquium" into consideration. After receiving written notification of the acceptance of the dissertation proposal and completing the "proposal colloquium", the student is expected to conduct the research during the fourth year. For students in the Clinical Program, the thesis is often written while the student is enrolled in a predoctoral clinical internship and the results are presented at an oral defense subsequent to completion of their year of clinical internship training. Required course.Prerequisites: completion of all course requirements.