PSYC6521Master's Research Apprenticeship3 ch
Research experience and training is considered an integral part of a graduate in clinical psychology. During the Master's year of the MA/PhD clinical program, all students are required to participate in a master's research apprenticeship with their dissertation thesis supervisor. he purpose of this apprenticeship is to familiarize the student with a body of research and to form a foundation for the Ph.D. Research Apprenticeship. The completed project will be a research proposal and will consist of a literature review, methods section and proposed analyses. Normally the timeline for completion will be as follows: May 15, students present their proposals to the department. June 15 final draft of the project is due. The final project will include: 1) an introduction section with literature review, research question(s) and hypotheses: 2) a method section with description of participants, procedure and planned analyses; and 3) a timeline for carrying out the specific activities associated with completing the study (e.g., commencement of data collection, data analysis, writing a revision of manuscript). The CPC will review the timeline for feasibility. August 1, ethics submission due. Supervisors normally assign credit (i.e. a letter grade) for the apprenticeship after the ethics form has been submitted.Prerequisites: none