ENGL6999Teaching Apprenticeship6 ch
All PhD students are normally required, as one of their six courses, to complete a teaching apprenticeship under the supervision and mentorship of a full-time faculty member. During the second year of the PhD program, the apprectice is assigned to a section of ENGL 1000, a full-year, 6 ch undergraduate courses taught by the faculty mentor in the fall term, during which the student will attend all classes and meet regularly with the mentor. In the meetings, the student will recieve training and guidance on: course planning and curriculum design; preparing and delivering classes on literature and writing skills; preparing and grading essays, tests and examinations; course administration; adn the preparation of a teaching dossier (including a general philosophy of teaching ). In the winter term the student will be employed to teach the second half of ENGL 1000 section, including responsibility for grading. The faculty mentor will observe winter-term classes periodically in order to offer feedback, and will be available throughout the term for advice. Course credit is awarded upon successful completion of the specific course requirements as determined by the supervisor in conjunction with the student at the beggining of the fall term.