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Negotiation in Business

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This course defines negotiation and reviews the importance of advocating for yourself and your interests. Because negotiation tends to be characterized in a stereotypically masculine way, this course considers some of the challenges that women tend to face when negotiating.

The course reviews key negotiation concepts such as BATNA and ZOPA, as well as common negotiation mistakes and the five stages of the negotiation process. Pariticpants will also engage in negotiation scenarios for opportunities to prepare for common situations they may encounter.

In this course, you will learn how to:

  • Define negotiation and why they're important
  • Describe the challenges women face when negotiating
  • List critical negotiation skills
  • Describe common negotiation mistakes and impasses
  • Formulate an opening position and when to make the first offer
  • Distinguish between different bargaining approaches and their advantages/disadvantages

PDUs: 3 hours total
0.3 (contact hours - 3)
Price: $79 (USD)*

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