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Meet Jill Jollineau

Jill Jollineau

On July 1, Jill Jollineau (MEd'02) began her two-year term as president of UNB's Associated Alumni. She shared with us some of her greatest memories of UNB and why she became involved with the association.

What did you study at UNB?

I began my undergraduate studies in science, completing the first two years at UNB Saint John. I later returned to UNB to pursue my master's degree in education, and graduated in 2002.  

Why did you decide to study at UNB and what stands out about your experience? 

I was a Townie and UNB was right in my back yard. It made sense for me to come here to study, plus it had the program I was interested in. During my early years, my father was a professor at UNB which, being a young adult, offered some challenges, but UNB had been an integral part of my life since the early 70s, when my family moved to New Brunswick. We’ve since carried on a proud family history at UNB, with my father retiring with a professor emeritus designation, and my sisters and daughter all receiving degrees from this university.

Were you involved in any clubs or societies or were you on any sports or recreation teams? 

During my undergrad degree, I played field hockey (poorly) and curled in an intramural league. I also participated in the early development of the science club. UNB has such a tight knit community and I really enjoyed being part of everyday student life on campus.

What was one of the fondest memories of your time at UNB? 

There are a few. In the early 70s, a custodian had a square dance band and he would play in the cafeteria on Friday nights. We had a great time, with lots of laughs and we learned to square dance. 

Thinking back to when I studied in the master's program, my best memories are of the academic challenges in geometry with Dr. Blake and in a linear algebra course with Dr. Garey -- two math profs who had a great deal of influence on my love of mathematics. 

Of all the incredible times I had at UNB, by far my greatest memory has to be meeting two friends who are still my dearest friends for life.

How did you become involved with UNB’s Alumni Council and what motivated you to become council president?

My daughter worked in the Alumni Office as a summer student while she was completing her undergrad degree at UNB Saint John. That really initiated my involvement with the alumni community. I began volunteering regularly with the Alumni Office and have since participated in the alumni honour guard at Convocation a number of times, and have attended more student and alumni events than I can count. In 2009, I joined Alumni Council, which has been a great opportunity for me to meet fellow alumni and connect with current students. I’m now very honoured to take on the role as president and continue representing my alma mater with pride.

What are your responsibilities as president? 

To represent our more than 86,000 alumni worldwide and provide them with meaningful ways to stay connected, get involved and give back. As president, I will oversee the Alumni Council and, working with our executive committee, will lead decisions and activities that help best support our students, alumni and university.

What do you hope to bring to this role? 

I would like to spend my term celebrating the outstanding accomplishments of our alumni, while continuing to raise awareness of UNB's contributions locally, provincially and nationally through research and development. Telling our story and the stories of our alumni will help to increase the profile and attractiveness of the oldest English-speaking public university in Canada.

How has being part of UNB’s Alumni Association helped you stay connected with UNB and why is it important to keep that connection? 

Volunteering with the Alumni Association has allowed me to connect with so many incredible students and build a network of alumni around the world. I've also gained a greater knowledge of UNB's contributions to academic research and industry. For me, giving back to this institution is a great privilege. Staying connected and helping others discover our university is an important way to support the recruitment and retention of students and help build a bright future for UNB.

How can alumni stay connected with UNB?

There are so many ways to stay connected to UNB. I encourage all alumni to keep in touch and get involved any way they can. Whether it’s attending an event in your city, sharing stories of fellow alumni, following UNB on social media, mentoring students, referring a prospective student or taking part in the honour guard at graduation – there are endless opportunities to play a role in the UNB experience.

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