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Associated Alumni

Privacy statement

Privacy and the use of your information

At the UNB Office of the Associated Alumni, we care about your privacy. We recognize that our alumni are concerned about the information we maintain and how that information is used. As the basis for our own policy, we follow Canada's Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).

UNB Affinity Programs

Q: I sometimes receive information or solicitations from companies claiming to be working with UNB and/or the Associated Alumni. Are you selling the mailing list of UNB alumni to raise funds?

A: The University of New Brunswick does not sell, trade or give away mailing lists of its alumni. The Associated Alumni affinity partners such as Meloche Monnex and Manulife sign contracts, approved by the Alumni Council, stating that alumni contact information will not be used for any purpose other than marketing their service and that no alumni information will be used by the company in any way other than what is specified in the contract. All information sent out by these companies is approved by the Office of the Associated Alumni.

A private mail house is contracted by the affinity partner and manages the mailing process to ensure confidentiality of your personal data. Your personal information remains confidential and is never released to any of our affinity partners. Personal address data is leant to the mailing house for the express purpose of our communications and this information is destroyed after completion of the mailing.

Q: Why do I get mail and/or telephone calls from these companies?

A: Direct mail and telemarketing provide significant help to garner participation for our Affinity programs. By participating in affinity programs, you not only benefit yourself, but you help support the activities of the Associated Alumni. Revenue realized from these programs is used to support alumni and student initiatives such as scholarships and bursaries. From time to time we will be contacting you to update you on the services offered to UNB alumni.

Find a Friend

Q: I am an alumnus/a. How can I contact a long-lost friend who is also an alumnus/a?

A: If you have lost contact with a former classmate, we can help. While we are unable to release any personal information such as addresses, phone numbers, or e-mail addresses, we can provide the desired person with your contact information and have them make contact with you if that is their choice. Alternatively, if you are a UNB alumnus, you may join the UNB Alumni Online Directory for free. This directory, searchable by current name, former name, class year, etc., has been established to assist our graduates in keeping in touch with each other. Its intended purpose is that of facilitating personal communication among friends.

Chapter and Class Lists

Q: Can I get a list of alumni from my area?

A: UNB Alumni Office staff will provide lists of local alumni to chapter contacts only to assist with the recruitment for chapter leadership and the promotion of chapter events. The information provided to chapter leaders can only be used for official UNB and Associated Alumni use. Use of the information for any commercial, political or solicitation purposes is expressly prohibited. Permanently reproducing and storing the information in a retrieval system by any means, electronic or mechanical is prohibited. Photocopying or use of the addresses or other information provided for any mailing other than notification of an official chapter function is strictly prohibited.