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Annual Report 2018

Change can start small

Students from the Urbanization, Poverty and Politics course presented their ideas on tactical urbanism in the City of Saint John, NB.

Tactical urbanism is a way to make low-cost, temporary changes to the environment of cities with an intent to improve local neighbourhoods and gathering places.

These student-led projects gave teams the opportunity to explore urban problems in the city of Saint John and propose low cost, tactical urbanism activities to tackle them.

Professor Hepzibah Muñoz Martinez assigned the projects to her class with the sole purpose of finding innovative ways to help people enjoy public spaces in cities like Saint John, that are covered much of the year in snow and ice.

Students visited the city's priority neighbourhoods, recording their observations and breaking into small groups to identify problems they wanted to solve.

Some of the projects included the installation of greenhouses in schools located in priority neighbourhoods, a skate exchange at a local skating rink, and a daytime relief living room which would see public spaces available during the day for the homeless.