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Annual Report 2018

Forestry students create plan to tackle green beetle invasion

A group of fourth-year students from UNB’s faculty of forestry and environmental management has created a contingency plan for the City of Fredericton should damaging emerald ash borer beetles make themselves at home in New Brunswick. 

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Change can start small

Students from the Urbanization, Poverty and Politics course presented their ideas on tactical urbanism in the City of Saint John. 

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Students advance compost grinder to help with waste management

Three engineering students from UNB have applied their innovation and ingenuity to aid a local food bank, devising new technology to help address a pressing need. 

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UNB partners with Terrestrial Energy

UNB and Terrestrial Energy, a vendor of Advanced Reactor power plants, have partnered for integral molten salt reactor (IMSR) validation and verification work. 

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Major strides in the area of experiential education

In the past year, major strides have been made in the area of experiential education both at UNB and across the province. 

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