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Annual Report 2018

Major strides in the area of experiential education

In the past year, major strides have been made in the area of experiential education both at UNB and across the province.

In early 2018, the reports developed by the 2014 UNB Task Force on Experiential Education, the 2016 Provincial Task Force on Experiential Education, and the 2017 UNB President’s Advisory Group became available for review. Together, these reports provide a blueprint for the vision of experiential education at UNB.

At that time, the Government of New Brunswick (GNB) accepted the task force’s recommendations and committed to working with UNB and the province’s three other universities on expanding experiential education opportunities for students.

Dr. Sarah KingIt was announced that UNB, with generous support from GNB, would be establishing an office of experiential education. In July, Dr. Sarah King was selected as UNB’s new director of experiential education, a position that will be funded by GNB for three years as part of a broad initiative to enhance and grow experiential learning at the province’s four universities.

The office of experiential education is currently working to develop rich, meaningful partnerships and opportunities for students in the public, private and non-profit sectors, while serving as a provincial and national leader in experiential education innovation.