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Annual Report 2016

Transforming lives by supporting students

Securing financial support for students is a top priority for UNB – we have seen the impact that scholarships have on our students and their families.

Scholarships allow hard-working and talented students to apply themselves more fully to their course work and to better prepare for their future careers. Scholarships that address financial need are especially helpful. They transform lives by giving students the means to discover their talents and complete their education, and by showing that achievement is rewarded. A student who earns and maintains a scholarship has demonstrated that he or she is determined to succeed.

In 2015-16, donor-supported awards went to more than 1,900 students. Each award helps a dedicated student like Nikitta Doucet.

Ms. Doucet has joined a long list of committed and passionate students who have earned the distinction of being named Beaverbrook Scholars.

Ms. Doucet is a second-year nursing student on the Fredericton campus. She was chosen to receive a Beaverbrook Scholars Award for her active community involvement and academic excellence in high school.

Beaverbrook Scholars Awards "make all the difference"

Helping people has always been Ms. Doucet's passion. At Bathurst High School, she served as a member of the Student Representative Council and participated in intramural sports. She has volunteered with the school’s environmental club and Free the Children’s We Day initiative, has lent her time at a community veterans villa, and has assisted with the Spirit of Christmas campaign to help the less fortunate in her area.

Nursing was a natural career aspiration for her, she says. She plans to finish her nursing degree and enter the workforce, before continuing on to become a nurse practitioner.

“Receiving the Beaverbrook Scholars Award has made all the difference in my life,” she says. “It has allowed me to focus on my studies and move one step closer to pursuing my dream.”

For Ms. Doucet, receiving the award is about more than the financial support.

“I feel honoured to be a part of such a wonderful group of men and women who have walked their chosen paths in life and opened doors for younger generations to follow their dreams,” she says. “I know I have a responsibility to do the same and I don’t take being a Beaverbrook Scholar lightly.”

Every year, some of Canada's largest scholarships available to high school students are offered by UNB. Securing new funds for scholarships will be the main focus of UNB's upcoming fundraising campaign.

Find out how you can make a difference in the life of a UNB student.