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Annual Report 2016

Building a brighter future for New Brunswickers

Through our teaching, research and innovation activity, and community engagement, UNB is committed to building a better future for New Brunswick. We are focused on making a transformative difference for our province, our students and our communities.

We also know that what we do has a significant, direct impact on the New Brunswick economy.

Our impact

In the fall of 2015, we released an assessment of the economic impact that the University of New Brunswick has on this province. Conducted by Economic Modeling Specialists International, it details in monetary terms how our various activities and operations impact society around us.

As a public institution, UNB is pleased to report a strong return on the investments made by government, donors, our students and their families. The combination of high performance and strong return on investment is a point of pride for the university.

At UNB, we are passionate about the role we play within the province, and we invite you to take a look at the full report and associated materials.


  • $1.2 billion in annual overall economic impact on New Brunswick
  • This accounts for approximately 4.5 per cent of the province’s GDP
  • For every $1 students invest in a UNB education, they see a $2.80 return
  • Taxpayers see a $2.10 return for every dollar they invest in UNB
  • Our research activities account for more than $73.5 million in direct and indirect spending in the province
  • Our efforts at nurturing startup and spinoff companies meant $48.1 million in added annual income to the province, and accounted for more than 450 jobs