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Annual Report 2016

Passion and determination

There’s something special happening at UNB. When I walk around our campuses and interact with the people who study and work here, I’m always struck by how deeply our people care about what they do. Our faculty members are passionate about helping their students succeed, while maintaining excellence in research. Our students channel that passion into a determination to seize the opportunities available to them and create their own future.

We know that students today are looking for more than just a traditional university degree. They’re looking for hands-on experiences, research and co-op opportunities, and exposure to the global community. At UNB, they find an education focused on mentorship, collaboration and discovery. They find the support and framework to believe in themselves, take chances and be a force for positive change. These experiences build a more complete educational experience, and they strengthen our province as a whole.

UNB’s influence extends well beyond our campuses. An independent analysis revealed that we have a total impact of $1.2 billion (2013-14) on the provincial economy over the course of one year – that’s equal to 4.5 per cent of the Gross Domestic Product of New Brunswick. We launch over two dozen startups every year, and our innovative mindset stretches far beyond the boundaries of business. It’s about finding new ways of looking at the world around us and having the courage to lead.

Our global connections bring together students from around the world. Our alumni network continues to spread internationally; everywhere it goes, it brings with it stories of UNB.

I’m incredibly proud to be a part of UNB. I hope you are, too.