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Annual Report 2016

UNB by the Numbers

UNB Fredericton campus

  1. Saluted as the nation’s No. 1 entrepreneurial university by Startup Canada.
  2. Responsible for about 75 per cent of all publicly funded research in New Brunswick.
  3. About $7.2 million in scholarships were available to our undergrads in 2015-16.
  4. About one in every two students entering UNB directly out of high school received a scholarship last year.
  5. Since 2000, UNB has managed 277 invention disclosures, and filed patent applications for 95 separate technologies. Seventy eight patents have been issued.
  6. More than 3,200 people work with UNB, making it one of the largest employers in the province.
  7. Recognized in the Globe and Mail as one of Canada’s Top 100 employers in 2016.
  8. Named one of Atlantic Canada’s Top 50 employers in 2016 by Atlantic Business magazine.
  9. UNB has been responsible for 36 startups since 2010.
  10. A budget of more than $190 million for 2015-16.
  11. Within the last decade, nearly 6,000 international students have graduated from UNB.
  12. In the last decade, there has been 23,210 degrees conferred at all levels.
  13. At UNB, we have an average of one full-time faculty member for every 16 students.
  14. Generous donors contributed $13.6 million to UNB in 2015-16.
  15. Nearly 80 new student awards were created in 2015-16.