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Associated Alumni

Career resources

UNB's commitment to your success doesn't end after graduation. Whether you're a recent grad or an experienced professional, here are some resources to help get you started.

Career development


Connect with UNB on LinkedIn (be sure to list UNB in your LinkedIn profile) and join our University of New Brunswick (UNB) Alumni group to start a conversation with alumni in your field. You are following the footsteps of exceptional graduates who have gone before you. These alumni offer an unparalleled professional network for you to tap into. There are over 85,000 UNB alumni around the world and you already have one thing in common with all of them - your university. Take advantage of this incredibly valuable resource.

Job bank

Use your student login and password to see full-time, part-time, internship, and volunteer employment opportunities both on and off campus. Forgot your login or password?

Career Development and Employment Centre

Offers alumni a wide range of services to assist you in obtaining your employment goals.

Career counselling

Our Student Services departments on both the Saint John and Fredericton campuses don't just work with students. They also offer resources and tools like resume building to support UNB alumni in their job search and professional development. Book an appointment with a career counselor or visit Student Services in Fredericton or Saint John to learn more.

Life after graduation

In 2015, we asked our young alumni to provide advice to current students and recent UNB graduates (Young Alumni Survey, 2015).

"Understand that the first few years following graduation will be difficult, but things will get easier. Remain determined and persistent in pursuing your career and understand that plans change frequently and often as you go forward."

"Get involved, stay involved and remember that you never know who you will meet who could become an important contact down the road."

"Every job, position or professional activity you hold has the ability to help you learn, grow and prepare for that dream job."

"Network, network, network. Put yourself out there. Get any experience to help you gain an edge in the job market."

"Try to meet as many people as you can. UNB is one of the most diverse universities in Canada, and you have the opportunity to meet a great deal of amazing people."