Make the most of your experience

Students on campusOne of the most valuable aspects of a university education is exposure to a world of diversity and opportunity outside the classroom. 

Both Saint John and Fredericton have vibrant campus communities, and the campus communities welcome students from across the country and around the world.

Extracurricular activities abound on both campuses with clubs and societies, varsity athletic teams, student governments, student newspapers, and campus radio stations.

University is often the place where people find lifelong friends. The best way to do that is get involved. There are plenty of opportunities if you pursue your interests, whether those interests lie in the realm of sports, the arts, or just plain socializing and getting involved with your residence.

Two great cities to choose from

Both the cities of Fredericton and Saint John have a lot to offer when it comes to student life.

A short walk from campus, downtown Fredericton offers theatres, bookstores, used record shops, live entertainment nightly, and a farmers market weekly.

This beautiful capital city has a lively downtown that invites exploration. It's safe, accessible and student friendly.

Saint John has a great traditional Maritime feel. The people are friendly, easygoing and eager to welcome new people into one of Canada's oldest cities.

Saint John's boardwalk and historical buildings are a great backdrop for adventure. There are all different sorts of restaurants, many with great seafood and drinks, as well as eclectic night life, with everything from live music to dance clubs.

Regardless of which city you choose, you'll find a welcoming community with lots to do.